RENOVATE by Berkowitz Window Retrofit System

The Renovate system is not an off-the-shelf system.

Through years of research and development, we have devised specific procedures and protocols for the proper installation of the RbB system. This specialized process insures the quality and the integrity of the installation.

  1. Step One Structural & Field Testing

    Prior to installation, we review every project with a structural engineer in order to be certain that the structure is capable of supporting the additional weight of the RbB system. Once this is complete, we then perform air and water infiltration testing to determine how tight the structure is.

  2. Step Two Site Preparation

    After the structural and field testing is complete, installation of the RbB system may proceed. All installers must first be certified by RbB, which signifies that they have completed an extensive training program in order to receive their certification.

  3. Step Three Final Installation

    The installation begins by cleaning the glass. Then, a custom spacer is applied to the new insulating glass unit (IGU), and setting blocks are attached. Next, the new IGU is squarely affixed and hermetically sealed to the existing glass. Finally, a custom compression molding is attached firmly against the interior glass surface and covered with a cap.