RENOVATE by Berkowitz Window Retrofit System

Renovate vs. Traditional Retrofit

Older buildings are intrinsically green. When you retrofit older buildings to meet or exceeds today’s high energy standards and expectations, you also provide additional, though not as easily quantifiable, benefits.

Upgrading a building attracts tenants who might not have been attracted to a less-efficient building. In addition, the Renovate system is ideal for situations in which historic renovations do not allow for changes to a building’s exterior.

In short, the Renovate system allows owners, building managers, and leasing agents to easily compete with newer construction in an ever-important green economy.

Less expensive than replacement;
more efficient than films

The Renovate system is an environmentally conscious and budget-friendly choice. Disposal costs and landfill waste normally associated with a traditional rip-out-and-replace project are avoided because installation of the Renovate system does not require demolition of the existing window frames. Because the Renovate system is installed to the existing surface of the interior window, the building also remains completely enclosed throughout the project, eliminating the time and cost of temporarily relocating tenants.

Film *RENOVATE By Berkowitz Full Replacement
Inexpensive yes yes
High Efficiency yes yes
Easy Installation yes yes
Custom Options yes yes

High Efficiency, Low-E For Year-Round Energy Savings

Window films are effective only in the summer months and can degrade over time, creating unsightly blemishes on the film surface. The Renovate system incorporates a new, factory-made IGU that is manufactured to the same standards required for new construction. The system utilizes high-efficiency low-e coatings from PPG, which are effective in both summer and winter months, and provide greater energy savings than window films.

How can RENOVATE benefit your business?

  • Green Scaffold

    Preserve & Improve

    We believe that the greenest buildings are the ones that are already built. By retrofitting an existing building you can take that building and turn into the most efficient building it can be.

    Re-purposing an existing building makes sense not only in terms of dollars saved, but by the impact on the environment and available open space.

  • Green Pig

    Save Money

    Want to make your dollar go further? Green systems and materials reduce energy consumption, which reduce your energy bills. They also increase asset value and profits, while decreasing marketing time, making your dollar go further, longer.

  • Green Tree

    Go Green

    There are many reasons to go green, but most come back to supply and demand. We have a limited amount of resources available and more and more people using them up. If we want our future generations to enjoy the same standard of living we have experienced we need to be proactive.

    Greening your building...