RENOVATE by Berkowitz Window Retrofit System

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Kaiserman Companies, Phila., PA

The energy savings has dramatically increased. We’ve had a reduction in energy costs of approximately 30%. But the more we look at the data and follow it, and look at both the gas and electric, it’s [the savings] approaching closer to 40%...

... Intially we thought [Renovate] was a home run. But it turned out to be a grand slam for us."

Joe Cianfranni
Dir Ops, Kaiserman Companies

The Tishman Building, NY

Improving the curtainwall’s energy efficiency and thermal performance were critical factors for the success of this renovation...
Knowing that the building was going to be mostly hotel and residential units, we also needed a solution that would reduce noise from the street and light-rail system outside. The Renovate system was essential to not only working within the constraints of the historic preservation criteria, but also accomplishing our other goals."

Jonathan Morris, AIA
UCarmina Wood Morris, D.P.C.

Sandridge Energy Headquarters, OK

During the first week of March, the early morning temperatures were still in the 20s in Oklahoma City,” Brown said. “We used an infrared temperature gun to compare the internal surface temperatures of existing and retrofitted windows. Needless to say, the existing quarter-inch glass was in the 20-degree range, while the windows with the Renovate system were in the 60s.”

Rick Brown
Facilities Director, Sandridge Energy

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