RENOVATE by Berkowitz Window Retrofit System

Here are list of some frequently asked questions.

Building Owners

How can Renovate reduce your operating cost?
Renovate reduces operating cost by lowering the amount of energy used (purchased) to cool or heat a building.
What is the average energy savings?
On average energy saving can range between 20-25%+, depending on the window to wall ratio.
What happens if my building is occupied?
Renovate is ideal for occupied buildings. There is minimal disruption to a tenant. Typically 3 feet of space is needed near the existing opening and there is minimal debris and noise.
What is the payback (ROI)?
On average the payback (ROI) is 5-8 years, substantially less than a complete rip-out and replacement of the window/curtain wall system.
What incentives or funding is available?
Local utilities usually offer incentives or funding for Advanced Energy Retrofit (AER) projects for commercial building owners. The Federal Government offers tax credits under IRS Tax code 179D.
How much does this cost?
The exact cost will vary depending on your project size and complexity. Typically, Renovate cost 2/3 to ½ as much as a complete rip-out and replacement of the window/curtain wall system.
What's in it for me?
In addition to the possible incentives available for your project, the payback period is relatively short and the saving will continue beyond the payback period. Your tenant comfort level will significantly improve, making your building more marketable against newer buildings and to future tenants or investors.
Will the capital investment be worth the payback on the upgrade?
Financial decision making is very individualized. Investing in a Renovate by Berkowitz™ system upgrade is a proven system and has a relatively short payback period. The value added to your building in lowered operating expense should improve your Net Asset Value of the property, along with improving the marketability of the property against new buildings and to future tenant or investors.

Green Sustainable Architects

How many LEED points are possible?
On average Four LEED possible could be possible when a Renovate by Berkowitz™ system is installed.
What is the average energy savings?
On average energy saving can range between 20-25%+, depending on the window to wall ratio.
How much waste is produced from this installation.
The installation of a Renovate by Berkowitz™ system has minimal waste disposal at the jobsite to fill local landfills. The new insulating glass unit is fabricated to an exact size before delivery to the jobsite. Compression Assembly molding can be pre-cut offsite or if cut onsite, there is minimal cut-off waste.
My building is old, a full rip-out replacements concerns me about asbestos and the remedial repairs. How is the Renovate installation different?
The system fastens directly to the existing window/curtain wall system. Typically, there is not disruption to the perimeter wall surfaces and no remedial repairs needed to the surrounding walls surfaces after installation.
What makes Renovate a Green product?
The system contains Cradle to Cradle certified glass products; in addition, the performance of the system can help gain LEED point.

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

What modeling program do you use?
We use a simplified version of eQuest Modeling software, which provide a simple energy saving model.
What is the payback?
On average the payback (ROI) is 5-8 years, substantially less than a complete rip-out and replacement of the window/curtain wall system.
Who does the installation?
Our system is installed by Trained and Certified installers. We put all installers through a through training program prior to installation. Additionally, a RbB Quality Assurance person is onsite during the initial install periods and periodically during the project installation.
Why do I need this in my ESCO package?
The Renovate by Berkowitz™ system offers the ESCO and additional energy improvement to an existing building. When buildings undergo an energy assessment, typically the HVAC and Lighting get improved. Now the fenestration can be improved in a cost effective manner with a minimal payback period. Renovate is another tool in the ESCO’s tool belt so to speak.
Is this a tested product?
Yes, the system has been laboratory testing for thermal performance and weatherization. Modeling simulations a have been performed for the sound attenuation performance. In addition, actual installations have been installed for over four years successfully.
What is the installed history?
Renovate have been installed in several projects and multiple potential project mock-ups. Please contact us for more details.
How do I compare the financial incentive of RbB to proven performers like lighting upgrades?
The Renovate by Berkowitz system helps to complete the overall package of performance upgrades for a building owner. When the building energy performance is viewed holistically, Renovate help close the paverbial hole in the wall of the building. Improving the window/curtain wall performance reduces energy loss and load on the HVAC system.
Lighting and controls are our “low-hanging” fruit in terms of ROI. How does RbB fit into an overall building upgrades in terms of how it affects other upgrades like lighting, HVAC upgrades and HVAC controls?
The Renovate system helps reduce the energy loss through the window/curtain wall system, along with reducing the solar heat gain. This also reduces the loads on the HVAC system. If a tinted film is removed during installation, typically the visible light transmission increases without additional solar heat gain, improving the overall day lighting effect on the space, which could reduce the amount or intensity needed from artificial lighting.

Building & Renovation Consultants

What is the warranty?
The system carries a 10 year warranty, which includes labor for the first two years.
Who does the installation?
All systems are installed by a trained certified installer. RbB requires all installers to attend a training course to understand the system and proper installation techniques before gaining the “Certified” qualification.
What are the risks of installing Renovate?
Installing the RbB system on a properly qualified building has minimal risks. Each project is pre-qualified, a structural engineering evaluation and selective air and water field test is performed prior to any installation.
How much energy does it save?
On average the Renovate by Berkowitz system can save 25%+ energy, depending on the window to wall ratio.
How does the sound transmission change after installing Renovate?
Overall, a building interior environment will sound quieter. Our modeling shows a typical ¼” lite of glass has a STC rating of 30, with RbB installed the sound transmission performance improved to an STC 37.
Will you be able to prove that RbB will perform as you indicate it will?
Yes, our modeling process uses the eQuest modeling program, a DOE recognized energy modeling program.
When I present this as an option to a client what assurances can you provide that the testing and engineering is realistic and repeatable?
All of our testing is completed by independent certified laboratories and the engineers used are registered licensed professional engineers.

Property Management Companies

How does the installation affect my tenant?
Tenants are minimally affected during installation of the RbB system. Installations are highly coordinated events with the building manager, tenant and the installer. The system is installed from the interior of the building. The installer typically only needs about three feet of open space in front of the window for installation. The work itself is very quiet, with only some minor drilling noise and minimal mess. If an applied film needs to be removed, will add some additional time in the office space. On project basis, work can be performed off hours to your tenant.
How long does installation take?
Installations time will vary based on the project complexities and size.
Will this improve my tenants' comfort level? How?
Your tenants comfort level will improve after the RbB system is installed. Typically, the initial reaction is the building environment is quieter. Tenants nearest the window will notice a more comfortable environment, warmer during colder times and cooler during hotter times. In addition, less fluctuation in temperature will be noticed. If a tinted film was removed, the office will be brighter and the views will look more natural in color.
Will we save energy? How much?
Yes, installing the RbB system will save energy. On average, energy saving is 25%+, depending on your window to wall ratio.
Will this help our building become LEED or Energy Star accredited?
Yes, installation of the RbB system will help contribute to LEED or Energy Star rating.
Can Renovate help balance our HVAC system throughout the day?
Yes, the RbB system’s triple insulating glass and low-e coating technology reduce the amount of solar heat gain and heat loss a building will experience, helping to balance the HVAC system, reducing the significant temperature fluctuations.
Why should we include and/or present this option along with other upgrade options to the building ownership?
The RbB system is a proven energy saving system. It will reduce the amount of building energy used, reducing the building owners operating expense. The payback period, on average, is between 5-8 years and the saving will continue for the life of the installation. Additionally, this upgrade will help improve the marketability of your building against new buildings.
How will recommendation of this product or system help us with our clients; i.e. the building owners that we manage for?
Overall, the clients will experience an improved office environment (comfort). The installations will be minimally disruptive.