RENOVATE by Berkowitz Window Retrofit System
New York, NY
Private Owner
Cross, NY
Number of Openings
Total Square Footage of Glass
6003 square feet
RbB Products
RbB Clear w/Inboard lite of 7/16 Laminated Glass

The Issue

This notable building was being challenged by an excessive amount of outside noise resonating into their second floor windows which is their conference room floor, disrupting meetings and conference calls. The street traffic, nearby construction and general outside noise was easily passing though the existing single glazed window glass.

The Challenge

The owners searched for a solution to their noise problem. They needed a solution that was economical, installed with minimal disruption and would not time up the conference room for a long period of time.

The RbB Fix

Installation of a hybrid Renovate System was developed to overcome the excessive noise problem, experienced on the conference room floor. Our standard Renovate system improves the sound transmission performance of single glazed (1/4” glass) windows from a typical 27 STC (Sound Transmission Class) to 30 STC level. The hybrid system developed for this project, utilized a laminated inboard lite of glass, which helped to dampen the noise transmission even more than the standard system.  This increased the sound reducing performance even further, improving the STC performance from 30 STC to 42 STC.  The hybrid Renovate system solved the building owner’s noise issue, creating a much quieter environment for the meeting and conference calls.

Certified Installer

Cross, NY