RENOVATE by Berkowitz Window Retrofit System
The RbB system made transforming 400 Market Street into an energy-efficient, competitive building a cost-effective reality.
Carolyn Pfeiffer
Property Manager, Kaiserman Company, Inc.
Philadelphia, PA
Kaiserman Company, Philadelphia
Rabinowitz Glass
Number of Openings
Total Square Footage of Glass
18,088 square feet
Total Square Footage of Building
75,000 square feet
RbB Products
RbB Platinum

The Issue

The owners of 400 Market Street were looking for a holistic solution to improving the overall energy performance/savings of their 12 story building.  They had done the typical building energy upgrades; upgrade the HVAC system, upgrade the lighting, but they recognized the windows were a weak link in the overall building performance. They needed a solution for the poor performing existing windows.

The Challenge

This building was occupied with long term tenants and was located on a small footprint lot, on a main thoroughfare, in center city Philadelphia. These challenges made it difficult to undertake a complete rip-out and replacement of the existing window system, aside from the high cost and extremely long payback period. An applied film was considered, as it was economical, but it only addressed a small part of the energy issues.

The RbB Fix

The Renovate by Berkowitz Platinum system met all of the owners needs and overcame all of the building challenges.  The Renovate system utilized the existing window system, eliminating the mess, disruption and disposal of the old window system. The new Renovate system was installed from the interior, with minimal disruption to the existing tenants.

The bull nosed masonry interior sill that required a custom sill extender to support the system.  This was easily developed and installed seamlessly. The owner’s investment cost for Renovate was significantly less than a complete rip-out and replacement and afforded a favorable payback period.  Overall, the owner was satisfied, the tenants were satisfied and the window performance was significantly improved.

Certified Installer

Paul Rabinowitz Glass