RENOVATE by Berkowitz Window Retrofit System
Pittsburgh, PA
Concord Hospitality Enterprises
J&R Glass, Inc.
Number of Openings
Total Square Footage of Glass
1,938 square feet
RbB Products
9/16 Clear Tempered Laminate with Acoustic Interlayer

The Challenge

How to reduce intense noise from cargo trains passing within 50ft of the AC Hotel’s most exclusive suites. Though brand new, the AC Hotel was facing issues with noise on the southern elevation. The intensity of the nearby railroad was more than anticipated. As a result, guests were less than pleased with their stay in the hotels’ main suites on the south elevation.

The Issue

Noise levels in a brand new hotel with already existing, brand new IG units.

The Fix

After consultation with the owners and managers of the AC Hotel, it was decided that Renovate by Berkowitz would install 9/16 clear tempered laminate with acoustic interlayer behind the new IG units. Thus creating a triple glazed unit with high performance acoustic properties.