RENOVATE by Berkowitz Window Retrofit System
Pennsauken, NJ
Kaiserman Company, Philadelphia
Storefront Systems, INC.
Number of Openings
Total Square Footage of Glass
19,074 square feet
RbB Products
Platinum Plus II – North, East, & West Elevations. Platinum Plus II XL – Southern Elevations

The Issue

Cold offices and poor window performance

The Challenge

Narrow sill conditions and very old window film, and extremely uncomfortable interior spaces on the southern elevations.

The RbB Fix

A custom “sill-extender” was designed and installed by attaching to the current aluminum window surround. The owners then utilized two Renovate configurations to better control thermal exchange. On the north, east, and west elevations RbB installed the Platinum Plus II system; and on the southern facing elevations RbB installed the Platinum Plus II XL system.