RENOVATE by Berkowitz Window Retrofit System
Wydmoor, PA
U.S. Government
Storefront Systems, Inc.
Number of Openings
Total Square Footage of Glass
1,620 square feet
Total Square Footage of Building
19,000 square feet
RbB Products
Platinum Plus II (North Elevation) & Platinum Plus II XL (South Elevation)

The Challenge

How to retrofit a working laboratory, which is designated a National Historic Chemical Landmark by the American Chemical Society.

“Chemists, chemical engineers, and food technologists at the Eastern Regional Research Center developed innovative dehydration technologies, most notably the potato flake process and explosion puffing. These technologies created opportunities for the development of novel, high-quality convenience foods and food ingredients for domestic and global markets. Instant mashed potatoes and formulated potato crisps, both made from potato flakes, are among the most popular and recognizable food products ever created. These food dehydration technologies increased U.S. potato production and utilization, provided key products for food aid programs, and made a lasting and significant impact on the ways in which foods are processed worldwide.”[2] 


The Issue

Intense heat through 40+ year-old, single pane windows in the two-story research labs.

The Fix

The USDA chose to install Renovate’s Platinum Plus II on the north elevation of the laboratory, and Platinum Plus II XL on the laboratory’s south elevation.